Ancient God Chapter 37: Proposal (Part 1)

Truly interesting 😄🙂

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Yes, Gu Jun! You go, man! And also, this chapter is not even 1% as sad as the last few chapters, so rest in peace, my friends.

The Fengyu Fan that descended in front of Hou Chi was suddenly held in place by a big hand that appeared in the void. Then it was suddenly swept away and turned into a fierce attacking shooting towards the Heavenly Empress. The colorful spiritual light slowly condensed under the immortals’ exclamations. The Heavenly Empress took in the blow and was forced to take a few steps back. With the Heavenly Emperor’s help, she stood steadily and looked at the torn part of the sky, her pair of beautiful eyes filled with shock and resentment.

She never thought that Gu Jun, who had disappeared for nearly ten thousand years, would suddenly appear, and even reprimanded her in such…

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